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Hotel Vamar Vallarta All Inclusive & Marina Beach Resort

Civil ceremony

The hotel takes care of all the paperwork: you only need to send us the documentation. The cost of the civil ceremony is $6,000 MXN and includes the judge’s fees and the marriage certificate.


1. Attend a pre-marriage course at the DIF office. They will give you a certificate that you must present at the office.

2. Recent original birth certificates of the couple (i.e. no more than one year has elapsed since they were obtained at the Civil Registry of origin) and 2 copies.

3. Medical certificate and clinical test results (blood group and l.d.r.v., valid for 15 days from the date of the marriage).

4. Identification of the bride and groom and 2 witnesses on a single sheet of legal size paper (all 4) and not too high up, so that the information is not lost when filing (if the witnesses are not present on the day of the wedding, the wedding will be cancelled).

5. If you opt for the marital partnership or separation of property regime, if you have assets, you must go to a notary public and draw up a marriage contract with a public deed number; if you do not have assets, this office will draw up an agreement for you.

It is very important that all documents contain your names according to your birth certificate. If not, they will not be accepted and therefore the marriage will not take place.

Note: If you are divorced or widowed, you must present your original divorce or death certificate that is not older than one year, and in the case of divorces, you must have completed the legal term. If you do not present any document, the marriage will not be celebrated. Very important: come with plenty of time and arrive at the appointed time or the marriage will be cancelled (no marriages on Sundays).

If one requirement is missing, documents are not received and the marriage is not celebrated. The documents must be in Puerto Vallarta 15 days before the ceremony.

Hotel Vamar Vallarta All Inclusive & Marina Beach Resort
Hotel Vamar Vallarta All Inclusive & Marina Beach Resort

Symbolic ceremony

It is the union of two people who make their vows to make a life together in front of their family and friends.

It can be a ceremony with sand in which the bride and groom mix the sands as a symbol of the union of their lives, or the ceremony of light, which represents the flame of love, where they say their vows of happiness as well as their future goals and the decision they have made to follow a life together. This ritual is symbolic, to seal their love.

This type of bond has no legal or religious value.

The price is $6,000 MXN.

Religious ceremony

Religious ceremonies can be celebrated in the hotel facilities, specifically in the hall, which will be quoted according to the number of people. In case the client decides to celebrate this ceremony in any of the available churches, the bride and groom are directly responsible for this procedure.

Below is the list of churches:

1. Nuestra Señora de la Paz Church Calle Albatros 270, Marina Vallarta – Tel. 322 20 91545 5 minutes away from Hotel Vamar Vallarta
2. Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Church (Cathedral) Hidalgo 3670 Zona Centro – Tel: 322 22 2 1326 15 minutes away from Hotel Vamar Vallarta
3. Nuestra Señora del Refugio Church Parque Hidalgo Central Zone – Tel: 322 22 2 1879 10 minutes away from Hotel Vamar Vallarta
4. San Miguel Arcángel Church Pitillal Central Zone – Tel: 322 22 4 2053 15 minutes away from Hotel Vamar Vallarta
Hotel Vamar Vallarta All Inclusive & Marina Beach Resort



Photography and video

Subject to requirements


White, chocolate, golden tiffany chairs

Vintage tables

12 people


Package of fireworks and sparklers


DJ complement (1 smoke chamber, lighting, 2 leads, 1 guide, live band Versatile, violin, keyboard, saxophone, mariachi, trio...)

Decoration and floral arrangements

Candy bar, games for children, fire shows, souvenirs, etc. ( are quoted according to needs)


Quoated by the hour

Hotel Vamar Vallarta All Inclusive & Marina Beach Resort


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