Puerto Vallarta

Over the last few years, Puerto Vallarta has established itself as one of the preferred tourist destinations worldwide. Recognized in the international arena as the most friendly destination in the world. Also this year was recognized with the award for the most romantic destination in Mexico and with the second place of Gastronomic tourist destinations in the country only after Mexico City.

In Puerto Vallarta you will find more than one way to charge yourself with energy, since there are many recreational opportunities and activities; highlighting water sports, which include diving, sailing regattas, fishing, skiing and boating, as well as quiet boat rides through the bay that offer the opportunity to watch dolphins, turtles and humpback whales, another of the natural attractions that make of this destination one of the favorites of the world.

Discover Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful place that amazes and inspires everyday: a beautiful blue sky that frames a spectacular moon as well as a Sun of an incredible orange. A tempered and generous sea that relaxes, but also imposes, and sunsets that deserve a pause in our day, and take our breath away.

Discover everything Puerto Vallarta has for you.


Puerto Vallarta has consolidated its reputation with the practitioners of this elegant sport, offering the best spaces and the most famous tournaments of the state, giving it an international quality and becoming an impressive attraction. Some of the main courses are the "Marina Vallarta" located in Paseo de la Marina, has 18 holes, par 72; "Vista Vallarta Golf Club" located in the University Circuit, has two 18-hole courses, par 71; "Flamingos Golf Club" located 14 km north of the Airport, has an 18-hole, par 72 course.


In ecological matter, Puerto Vallarta is an impressive destination to observe the flora and fauna, take a photographic safari or simply, take a quiet walk while you acquire a sense of protection to nature. Colomitos is ideal for a walk and directly observe birds, butterflies, lizards and tropical trees. In Marietas Islands, you will be surprised with caves, canyons and cliffs, superb endemic species such as the blue footed booby bird native to the Marietas Islands and the green macaw. Los Arcos is another splendid place, an underwater park recognizable by its three arches carved by the marine erosion through thousands of years, where more than 350 species live. Boca de Tomates, at the mouth of the Ameca River is attractive because during the months of July and December, children and adults help the release of sea turtles.


One of the main tourist attractions of Puerto Vallarta is the adventure tour, observing the beauty, harmony and grace of the Humpback Whales that arrive at these coasts to mate and give birth to their young, as well as the dolphins that inhabit the Bay. of Flags. Humpback whales can only be seen in the winter season, but dolphins will find them year-round playing in the waters of the port. This tour, without a doubt, will be worth it because if it were not enough you will be able to know the beaches to islands around the Bay of Banderas. In the coastal area you will find service providers that will take you in the right direction to this unique tour.

Diving, Snorkeling and Kayak

The Bay of Banderas is a sanctuary with great abundance of marine life, becoming an obligatory option for scuba diving and snorkeling, in an experience full of fun that the whole family will enjoy. Your day will be full of entertainment, learning and challenge, while snorkeling, kayaking or exploring tropical ecosystems in the secluded islands and hidden beaches that surround the dazzling Bay of Banderas.

Extreme sports

Only for those who dare to the maximum adrenaline sensations, challenging their skills and putting a strong accent of adventure to the trip, will find in this port the most challenging activities.

The Bungee of Puerto Vallarta, is located at km 9 of the road to Mismaloya. The free fall is made from more than 36 meters high; It can also be done in Boca de Tomatlán, just 16 km southwest of this destination. For the directions of Las Ánimas, southwest of the city, is challenged by the wind in an exciting parachute ride. In Yelapa, 30 km southwest of Puerto Vallarta, paragliding takes place.

For surf lovers, in Puerto Vallarta you will find high waves and ideal winds to dominate the surf and the waves. The best places for this activity are in Boca de Tomates, just 10 km northwest of Puerto Vallarta and in Playa de Oro, especially for beginning surfers due to its medium slope.

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